Our Team

Inese Berzina-Pitcher

Project Manager

Inese manages GRIP Lab research projects, which includes planning and organizing work, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, hiring staff, organizing events, and recruiting research participan

Noah Boudrie

Jr. Web Developer

Noah is a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Computer Science. In his role as a junior web developer he is supporting database and web application development.

Amanda Brown

GRIP Lab Co-Director

Amanda is a research scientist at the University of Michigan that studies teachers’ instructional practices and innovative approaches for intervening in those practices through pd. She has a PhD in Mathematics Education and MA in Mathematics.

Hannah Connell

Jr. Web Developer

Hannah is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, majoring in Computer Science.

Amirali Denai

Research Assistant

Amirali is an undergraduate student at the College of Engineering majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math.

Susie Hagan

Research Technician Intermediate

Susie is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Education where she studied secondary Biology and Psychology education. In her role as a research technician she will be assisting in multiple faucets of the research process including data collection, management, cataloging and archiving. She also contributes to the adaptation and design of online teacher professional development curriculum, along with drafting and editing manuscripts. Susie is eager to learn more about the research process.

Pat Herbst

GRIP Lab Director

Pat is a professor of Education and Mathematics at Michigan. He studies the knowledge and rationality involved in teaching mathematics and the use of digital technologies to represent and communicate professional knowledge.

Carolyn Hetrick

Postdoctoral Researcher

Carolyn is a postdoctoral researcher who earned her Ph.D. in Educational Foundations and Policy at the University of Michigan. Carolyn’s research interests involve leveraging critical qualitative methodologies to support community-based education initiatives and advocacy efforts. Through her work with the GRIP Lab, Carolyn participates in qualitative inquiry about instructors’ practical rationalities.

Michael Ion

Research Assistant

Mike is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics education at the University of Michigan. His research interests include conceptions in calculus, online learning, measurement, and natural language processing.

Soobin Jeon

Research Assistant

Soobin is a Ph.D. student in mathematics education at the University of Michigan. She is interested in how we can support teachers to engage students in meaningful math learning and how we can use technology and innovation in the process.

Natalyn Kapner

Research Assistant

Natalyn is a freshman at the University of Michigan in the LSA Honors Program majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She is also on the Premed track.

Srikanth Lavu

Application Developer

Srikanth has an MS in Computer Science. His work mainly involves designing and developing Software Applications for the GRIP team which are used for research studies.

Saksham Sadh

Jr. Web Developer

Saksham is a sophomore at the University of Michigan in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and is majoring in Computer Science. In his role as a junior web developer he is supporting database and web application developme

Gil Schwarts

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gil earned her PhD and MSc in mathematics education at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and her BSc in mathematics at the Ben-Gurion University. She is interested in secondary mathematics teachers’ decision-making processes and their capacity to enact changes in their long-established practices, and in the ways in which productive mathematical discussions evolve.

Eran Segal

Project Associate

Eran provides assistance to the GRIP Lab faculty and researchers with their work.

Andre Quimper

Research Assistant

Andre is a Freshman at the University of Michigan in the College of Engineering, majoring in Computer Engineering.

Past GRIP Team Members

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