LessonSketch Terms of Use

Basic User License

By agreeing to these “Terms of Use”, the user (“User”) agrees to the following:

  1. Permission is granted to User to view and annotate materials found on the site, and to create new materials using the software tools available on the site, individually or in closed group meetings and solely for educational or nonprofit purposes. User is not licensed to show publicly, to receive or request payment for private showing of the materials, or publish materials found on the site.
  2. Videos, animations, text and other materials found on the site are the intellectual property of the Regents of the University of Michigan (“Michigan”) and where applicable also to the Regents of the University of Maryland (“Maryland”).
  3. Storyboards and other graphics composed by User with LessonSketch software tools are considered derivative works, and may be distributed by the user under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license. In such distribution, User should always credit the University of Michigan as the copyright holder of the graphics and cite LessonSketch as the source of the graphics. Copyright Notice will be “© 2012 The Regents of The University of Michigan. LessonSketch – School of Education.” To discuss possible licensing for for-profit activities, User will contact LessonSketch@umich.edu.
  4. The distinctive graphic elements (including, but not limited to, character sets) found in LessonSketch animations and storyboards are trademarks of Michigan and may not be used without permission except as otherwise specified by these Terms of Use.
  5. Each online Experience within LessonSketch consists of one or more animations, storyboards, question and answer prompts, and discussion forums. These Experiences are the intellectual property of the Michigan and may not be reproduced without permission except as permitted by the Copyright Act, such as under the Fair Use provisions of Title 17 U.S.C. ยง107.
  6. User acknowledges that an account is for individual use only and is not transferable in any way, including sharing of user ID and password. User is responsible for activity done in the site under his or her username. We may suspend or cancel the account if the Terms of Use are infringed.
  7. User agrees not to download or create copies of content provided in the LessonSketch website. A different license is needed for User to obtain copies of these materials or to manipulate them more flexibly. For licensing information contact LessonSketch@umich.edu. This restriction includes screen captures or video or audio recordings of any LessonSketch materials, but does not apply to materials composed by User with the LessonSketch software tools (see item 3 above).
  8. Rights in the text that User enters into the LessonSketch website (in the form of annotations and comments) remain with the User. The User may publish those comments anywhere and cite the material, as well as the URL of the LessonSketch website. However, User is not entitled to include screen captures or other content from the LessonSketch website in any publications without prior permission of Dr. Patricio G. Herbst or Michigan.
  9. User remains responsible for any external links and resources, including but not limited to YouTube videos and Flickr images, that User uploads, embeds in, or shares in LessonSketch. LessonSketch, the GRIP Research Group, Dr. Patricio G. Herbst, and Michigan will not be liable for any external links and resources provided by User. User should submit only content that is appropriate to LessonSketch and that User owns or has the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to submit. Material that is unlawful, obscene, or defamatory may result in account suspension or deletion. LessonSketch may remove any content without prior notice.
  10. User grants Dr. Patricio G. Herbst, his research team, and Michigan non-exclusive license in perpetuity to use any entries, annotations, depictions, graphics, or other materials created by User in the LessonSketch website for, among other things, documenting how the LessonSketch website and media are used and for reporting on the knowledge and wisdom of professional practice of teachers and other human-service professionals. In any such use, Dr. Patricio G. Herbst and his research team and institution will attempt to conceal Users’ identities.
  11. User remains responsible for the information that they provide in forum entries in LessonSketch. LessonSketch, the GRIP Research Group, Dr. Patricio G. Herbst, and the University of Michigan will not be liable for public disclosures or false information provided by User.
  12. User remains responsible for interacting professionally, using civil language and behavior. Posting comments or content that are harassing, threatening, or ad hominem may result in account suspension or deletion. User agrees not to disclose the identity of any other User of LessonSketch. User will not use the LessonSketch website or software for any unlawful activity. Any indication of such use will constitute reason for discontinuing the account and taking legal action.
  13. User is not licensed to promote commercial products on the LessonSketch site. Users who blatantly infringe this policy may be stripped of access privileges.
  15. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be deemed to grant any rights of Michigan or Maryland except as expressly stated herein. The names and trademarks of the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland may NOT be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to your use of the LessonSketch website.
  16. These Terms of Use may be updated or modified at any time, but LessonSketch will provide advance notice of any material changes to these Terms. Changes to the Terms will not apply retroactively, and will become effective no less than 7 days after notice. However, changes made for legal reasons may be effective immediately upon notice.
  17. These terms are governed by the laws of the state of Michigan.